University of Toronto

Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre

At Chestnut, we are proud to serve over 60% of our meals using locally produced ingredients. All of our milk is organic. All chicken and lamb served at Chestnut is Halal (Halal beef is available upon request). Please note that the University of Toronto is a bottled water free zone. Complimentary jugs of ice water are available.A taxable 15% service charge and 13% HST will apply to all menus.



Pan Seared Trout Fillet
Breast of Capon
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup, topped with Fresh Chives

  • Pan Seared Trout Fillet, served with Chive Butter
  • Market Vegetables, Roast Organic Potatoes

  • Plum Hollandaise, served with Cinnamon Crème Anglaise
  • Vegetable Orzo Soup with Parsley Oil

  • Breast of Capon, served with a Woodland Mushroom and Sweet Red Onion Ragout
  • Market Vegetables, Roast Organic Potatoes

  • Chocolate Cup filled with Chocolate Mousse, with Berry Coulis
$33.50 Per Person   $29.50 Per Person

Penne Pasta
Braised Beef
  • Traditional Minestrone Soup, served with Aged Romano Cheese

  • Penne Pasta with Lemon and Oregano Marinated Chicken, Black Olives, Peppers and Onions in an Organic Tomato Basil Sauce

  • Honey Apple Flan, served with Raspberry Coulis
  • Baby Spring Mix, tossed in a Balsamic Vinaigrette

  • Tender Beef Braised in Red Wine with Woodland Mushrooms and Pearl Onions topped with Double Smoked Bacon Crisps
  • Market Vegetables, Broad Buttered Noodles

  • Swiss Apple and Cherry Flan with a Minted Cream Sauce
$26.50 Per Person $30.00 Per Person