University of Toronto

Chestnut Residence and Conference Centre


A labour charge of $19.50 per hour (minimum of 4 hours) for each Bartender, Monitor and Cashier will be charged.



Non-Alcoholic Beverages Punch Station
Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee $3.75 Per Person Fruit Punch
Selection of Teas $3.75 Per Person Whiskey Sour, Daiquiri and Mai Tai
Assorted Fruit Juices (orange, apple, and grapefruit) $33.50 32 oz. Pitcher Champagne, Mimosa and Alcoholic Punch
Cranberry Juice $33.50 32 oz. Pitcher $5.50 Per Person
Iced Tea or Lemonade $25.75 32 oz. Pitcher Bartender Fee for Punch Service Only – $30.00, per bartender, per hour (minimum 4 hours)
Assorted Milk (skim, 2%, and chocolate) $4.00 250mL Carton
Assorted Bottled Juice $4.00 Per Bottle
Assorted Canned Soft Drinks $3.25 Per Can
Perrier $4.75 Per Bottle
Flavoured Sparkling Water $4.75 Per Bottle
Please note that the University of Toronto is a bottled water free zone. Complimentary jugs of ice water are available.
Host Bar Cash Bar
Premium Brands $4.85 Premium Brands $6.00
Deluxe Brands $5.30 Deluxe Brands $6.50
Domestic Bottled Beer $4.50 Domestic Bottled Beer $5.50
Imported Bottled Beer $5.10 Imported Bottled Beer $6.25
Liqueurs $5.25 Liqueurs $7.00
House Wine (glass) $4.85 House Wine (glass) $5.75
Soft Drinks and Juices (glass) $2.10 Soft Drinks and Juices (glass) $2.60
Sparkling Water $3.00 Sparkling Water $4.00
Host bar prices are subject to 13% HST and a 15% service charge. Cash bar includes all applicable taxes and gratuities.
White Wines Red Wines
Kittling Ridge VQA, Cuvee Blanc $19.50 Cabernet Sauvignon, Jackson Triggs $20.50
Chardonnay, Jackson Triggs $21.00 Laura Blend, Creekside Estates $29.95
Chardonnay, Cave Springs VQA $24.50 Cabernet, Cave Springs $31.00
Pinot Gris, Creekside Estates VQA $34.00  
Around The World
Vina Tarapaca, Chile $19.50 Farnese Sangiovese, Italy $19.00
Lindemans Bin 95, Sauvignon Blanc, Australia $22.50 Lindemans Bin 45, Cabernet Sauvignon, Australia $24.00
Lindemans Bin 65, Chardonnay, Australia $25.50 Mouton Cadet, B.P. Rothschild, France $28.00
Soave, Masi, Italy $22.00 Valpolicella, Masi, Italy $29.00
Mouton Cadet, B.P. Rothschild, France $24.50 Cabernet Sauvignon, Wolf Blass Yellow Label, Australia $36.00
Coastal Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi, USA $35.00 Coastal Cabernet Sauvignon, Mondavi, Woodbridge USA $39.00